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Tiny House Blueprints & Floor Plans

A tiny house plan doesn't have to be super-small. On we define a "tiny home plan" as a house design that offers 1,000 sq. ft. or less. While this is obviously smaller than the average home, it doesn't have to be "tiny." In fact, if you're coming from, say, a 550 sq. ft. studio apartment, a brand new home with 1,000 square feet of of living space, plus a garage and a patio, would probably feel pretty darn big!

What's more, while tiny house plans can be used as primary dwellings, they don't have to be. Often times, a tiny house plan will be purchased by someone looking to build a weekend getaway or vacation home, where the amount of indoor living space isn't that important.

Tiny house plans typically offer one or two bedrooms, open floor plans, outdoor living space (e.g. patios, porches, etc.) and come in a variety of architectural styles. In the collection below, you'll discover tiny Craftsman house plans, tiny contemporary/modern designs, tiny cottage plans, tiny cabins, and more.

If you're working on a tight budget (as many home builders are), selecting a tiny house plan can be a great way to save money, not just on building costs but on daily maintenance as well (it typically costs less to heat, cool and light a small home than a larger one).