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Weinmaster Home Design

Raise your hand if a simple design with a small to medium square footage sounds good to you… One reason you might be enthusiastically raising your hand right now is affordability. While the cost to build a house depends on many factors, such as building location and material choices, a small design with a simple layout and footprint is usually cheaper to build than a larger, more complex structure. As you browse the Weinmaster collection of house plans below, you’ll notice right away that many of these designs present open floor plans, cool vaulted ceilings, and outdoor living space—all of which help the small (or small-ish) floor plans feel larger than they actually are. While you’ll discover many house plans in the collection below that could easily be used as primary residences, you’ll also find some A-frame house plans that are simply begging to be used as rustic vacation retreats. In addition to easily shedding snow due to their steep, signature A-shaped roof, A-frame house plans also typically sport especially lavish outdoor living areas as well as large windows through which to enjoy a beautiful view. With regard to architectural styles, the Weinmaster collection runs the gamut. You’ll find everything from traditional layouts to contemporary designs below. And, remember: almost every floor plan on can be modified to meet your exact requirements. So, if you come across a house plan below that’s ALMOST perfect, except it doesn’t have the right numbers of bed or baths, or the footprint is too wide for your lot, or you wish the garage featured three bays instead of two, or something else entirely, call 1-866-445-9085 to discuss. We’re here to help you get the home you’ve always dreamed of!