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Cottage Floor Plans

Affordable to build and full of charm, cottage homes are prized by many as the perfect vacation home or the quintessential style for building on a small lot. Usually one story, and with quaint details such as decorative woodwork, interesting windows, and a varied roofline, cottage house plans present a welcoming façade and a cozy interior. They are well-suited for the coastline, narrow urban lots, or in a suburban neighborhood of smaller traditional homes. Many cottage floor plans have a country look and feel, with front porches and dormers. Other cottage plans reference classic English cottage style, complete with large chimneys and charming shutters. Some modest cottage designs work beautifully for building in a rustic area, like Canada’s cottage country. Cottage home plans often have varied exterior materials, with a mixture of stone, wood siding, or shingles to break up wall surfaces. A small front porch may welcome visitors with a turned balustrade, thin columns, and a front gable roof. Casement windows offer cottage charm, or add decorative detail with leaded glass panes or stained glass windows. The roofline may be hipped, pyramidal, or gabled and often is broken up by attic dormers. These dormers provide additional space to expand upstairs later. While cottage house plans are usually one story, some may have a second floor or a bedroom tucked into the attic. The living space in is relaxed, often with a fireplace as the focal point and nooks provided for an eating area, reading room, or window seat. Expect quaint details to continue to the interior, such as a beamed ceiling, stonework on the fireplace, and transom windows above doorways. Maximize cottage charm with a patio at the rear, extending to gardens beyond with a picket fence as the exterior focal point.

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