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Mediterranean Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-284
1 Bedroom House Plans
1 bedroom house plans can be tiny house plans, small house plans, or simple cabin house plans that make great vacation home designs. Whether you’re looking for a garage plan with apartment above (which often means a house plan with inlaw suite) or a small home plan for a narrow lot, you’ll find your perfect one bedroom home plan here. There are many reasons to choose a 1 bedroom house plan. Maybe you’re building onto a larger home and you want room for guests, or even a space to rent out for extra income. This is especially handy if you have a grown child who lives at home but wants a little extra privacy. Or perhaps you just don’t need a lot of space and are ready to build your dream tiny house plan. One bedroom house plans are affordable to build and cheap to maintain. Just because these one bedroom homes are cheap to build house plans doesn’t mean the blueprints can’t have modern features, like open floor plans or spacious bathrooms. You’ll find plenty of 1 bedroom home plans in this collection that feature those amenities and more. Building in the mountains, where an A-frame house plan will fit the rugged scenery? Check. Or how about a simple cottage house plan for enjoying a weekend in the woods? Done. Small house plans can have big curb appeal. Browse our collection of 1 bedroom blueprints to find your perfect little home today.
Ranch style Plan 427-6 front elevation
1 Story House Plans
One story home plans and house plans come in a variety of sizes and architectural styles. Whether you are looking for a farmhouse, Craftsman, ranch, contemporary, European, traditional, country, or cabin style design (and so many more), you are sure to find what you are looking for in our 1 story house plans collection.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1069-15
2 Bedroom House Plans
Don't need a lot of space? Check out our collection of two bedroom house plans (often written "2 bedroom house plans")! While two bedroom home plans typically offer less square footage than your average home, they come in a variety of architectural styles, from Craftsman to modern farmhouse and beyond.
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #20-2126
2 Story House Plans
Our collection of 2 story house plans feature home designs with two levels of heated living space. 2 story house plans have lots of perks and advantages. For example, a 2 story house plan requires less land to build on (and land is not cheap!) since these home designs are built up instead of out.
Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #18-9547
3 Bedroom House Plans
3 bedroom house plans are our most popular layout configuration. Why? Because house plans with three bedrooms work for many kinds of families, from people looking for starter home plans to those wanting a luxurious empty nest design. With three bedrooms, you have space for yourself, guests or kids, and perhaps even an office. Blueprints with 3 bedrooms can range from small house plans to luxury home designs. Modern house plans make the most of every bit of space, and these are no exception. Though you will find exceptional style!
Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1042-20
3 Story House Plans
Three story house plans (often written "3 story house plans") can be super-luxurious, super-practical, or both. If you're looking for a mansion floor plan, many live right here in this 3 story collection. That said, you'll also discover a variety of simple three story house plans in the collection below, which might be just what the doctor ordered if you're working with a narrow lot and a tight budget (as is often the case when you're trying to build a home in a densely populated area, like NYC or San Francisco).
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #18-234
4 Bedroom House Plans
As lifestyles become busier for established families with older children, they may be ready to move up to a four bedroom home. 4 bedroom house plans usually allow each child to have their own room, with a generous master suite and possibly a guest room. Empty nesters may also choose to remain in a larger home to allow room for house guests as their extended family grows, or as elderly relatives come to live with them. Some four bedroom homes include in-law suites or apartments. Living on one level is still possible with a rambling ranch home, but four bedroom house plans are often two stories. The master suite may be on the main level or in an opposite wing from secondary bedrooms for privacy. Since they are primarily designed with families in mind, four bedroom floor plans will often have open floor plans with plenty of spaces for the family to gather as well as retreat for homework and downtime. Bonus rooms may be found above the garage or on the lower level to expand as needs demand.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #928-276
5 Bedroom House Plans
5 Bedroom House Plans give you lots of options. Whether you’re looking for modern house plans with five bedrooms to accommodate a big family or you simply want space for visitors and in-laws, these house plan designs have you covered. Many of the 5 bedroom house plans and large family blueprints in this collection are luxury house plans, but you’ll also find small house plans with cheap to build blueprints and budget-friendly features. Some of the home plans here include finished basements that give you lots of space to entertain and often include wet bars, game rooms, and other fun amenities. House plans with inlaw suites help your loved ones to feel relaxed and welcome. Clutter-free house plans in this collection include mudrooms and lots of storage. House plans with five bedrooms frequently feature two or three stories, which is a great way to maximize your lot. Sometimes the blueprints show the master on main, which means the master suite is easy to reach on the main level. Other home plans with 5 beds put them all upstairs for family friendly layouts. Either way, you’re almost certain to find luxurious master bathrooms that create a relaxing haven. You’ll find many different architectural designs in this collection, from modern farmhouse style to Craftsman house plans and even ranch house plans. To show off a beautiful location, choose a five bedroom floor plan with a patio, deck, or porch. Open kitchens create a relaxed vibe. Want to add on later? Check out our collection of garage plans with apartments or simple garage plans.
Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #18-4504
A-Frame House Plans
A-Frame homes fit beautifully in any scenic location. With its steeply pitched roof that forms the “A” of the name (sometimes reaching all the way to the ground), these rustic vacation homes usually hold a large window wall that can perfectly frame a lakeside or mountain view. Decks, patios, and porches give plenty of room for outdoor living. Sometimes this style features elements of a Swiss chalet, or the timber of a log cabin. Generally, an A-Frame floor plan features one large open space with living areas on the main level and a loft above for sleeping quarters. The ceiling can be left open to the rafters, further accentuating the A-Frame’s stylistic details, or closed-in for a more traditional look. An island kitchen adds contemporary appeal. Whether you decide to build by the coast or on a mountain top, your new home will be inviting, modern and economical.
Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2267
Canadian House Plans
Canadian house plans can’t be summed up in one word. Perhaps you’re building an A-Frame house plan in Ontario’s Cottage Country. Maybe you want to look at Craftsman house plans to build in British Columbia. Or it could be that you simply want a stylish yet affordable house plan to build in Quebec. From Manitoba to Newfoundland, Labrador to Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia, you’ll find what you’re looking for in our collection of Canadian house plans.
Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-355
Cape Cod House Plans
Cape Cod homes are the epitome of post-war American housing and were built prolifically throughout suburban neighborhoods to accommodate growing families. Beginning in the 1940s and continuing to today, modest Cape Cod homes have been built with simplicity and function in mind to evoke Colonial style. These homes are usually one story with a side-gable roof and little embellishment. Sometimes a small front stoop with a gable roof extends from the home to welcome guests and provide shelter from the elements. Although modern Cape Cods are very popular today, this style of home took shape in the early 18th century to suit the long New England winters. Their association with the New England coast also makes them perfect as vacation cottages, sitting nicely on a lakefront lot or by the sea. The floor plans are flexible, as the simple rectangular shape can accommodate a number of interior configurations, both traditional and more modern open layouts.
Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2065
Chalet House Plans
Chalets originated in the Alps and are distinguished by exposed structural members called half-timbering that are both functional and serve as decoration. Chalet designs gained popularity in the mid-19th century throughout the United States, borrowing from a romantic ideal of contemporary Swiss architecture. The roof of a chalet is low-pitched with wide, overhanging eaves. This architectural element influenced Craftsman and Prairie house styles later in the early 20th century. There is almost always a front gable featuring highly decorative woodwork at the fascia board. The upper floor of a chalet usually projects beyond the story below, with a balcony at the front of the house for leisure and entertaining. The balcony often has a balustrade that is constructed of a flat, cut-out panel, adding to the gingerbread charm. This style of house was traditionally painted on the exterior with murals or faux architectural elements representing quoins, shutters, or ornamental design around windows and doors. Further interest may be added with vertical board-and-batten siding. The Chalet style would make the perfect mountain home for its use of natural materials and allure of the grand Alps. The floor plan of Chalet style houses tends to have less square footage, as they are typically used for vacation homes. That being said, two or more stories are possible with bedrooms on the upper floors that open to the balcony and maximize fairy tale views. The first floor could have an open plan with a central fireplace warming the interior and a spacious kitchen for entertaining guests. Provide 360 degree views with a spacious rear deck to complement the second floor balconies. For styles with similar rustic appeal, check out our collection of log homes, cabin house plans, and A-Frame designs.
Beach Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #898-44
Coastal House Plans
Honestly, who doesn't dream about living next to a beautiful body of water? Whether you fantasize about waking up next to the ocean in southern California, or next to a quiet lake full of fish in the mountains of Colorado, waterfront living is almost always a factor when it comes to "living the dream!" So, come on and browse our collection of coastal / beach house plans below and select a design that speaks to you!
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1066-24
Contemporary-Modern House Plans
Characterized by minimal, straightforward, and efficient home designs, contemporary-modern house plans boast a style that is livable and spacious. From clean lines, open floor plans, large expanses of glass, and minimalists interiors, contemporary-modern house plans are uncomplicated and exude simplicity and style.
Colonial Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #119-108
Cottage House Plans
Affordable to build and full of charm, cottage homes are prized by many as the perfect vacation home or the quintessential style for building on a small lot. Usually one story, and with quaint details such as decorative woodwork, interesting windows, and a varied roofline, cottage house plans present a welcoming façade and a cozy interior. They are well-suited for the coastline, narrow urban lots, or in a suburban neighborhood of smaller traditional homes. Many cottage floor plans have a country look and feel, with front porches and dormers. Other cottage plans reference classic English cottage style, complete with large chimneys and charming shutters. Some modest cottage designs work beautifully for building in a rustic area, like Canada’s cottage country. Cottage home plans often have varied exterior materials, with a mixture of stone, wood siding, or shingles to break up wall surfaces. A small front porch may welcome visitors with a turned balustrade, thin columns, and a front gable roof. Casement windows offer cottage charm, or add decorative detail with leaded glass panes or stained glass windows. The roofline may be hipped, pyramidal, or gabled and often is broken up by attic dormers. These dormers provide additional space to expand upstairs later. While cottage house plans are usually one story, some may have a second floor or a bedroom tucked into the attic. The living space in is relaxed, often with a fireplace as the focal point and nooks provided for an eating area, reading room, or window seat. Expect quaint details to continue to the interior, such as a beamed ceiling, stonework on the fireplace, and transom windows above doorways. Maximize cottage charm with a patio at the rear, extending to gardens beyond with a picket fence as the exterior focal point.
Exterior - Rear Elevation Plan #1006-73
Deck Plans
Looking for a great way to expand your home and have a place to kick back and relax? Decks designs (also known as deck designs or deck floor plans) are an excellent way to expand your living space, while also creating a lovely outdoor escape. Decks are a wonderful addition to your home that allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and take in all the scenic views. Decks are great for hosting barbeques, picnics, and so much more. Many of the designs in our deck house plans collection (or decks collection) work well on hilly or sloping lots. Primarily made out of wood, decks can be attached to an existing home or be freestanding.
Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-165
Editors' Picks House Plans
The editors of know what types of floor plans are popular and why. Below, you'll discover a special curated collection showcasing our favorite cool house plans! A typical editor's pick will feature an open floor plan, which is simply an open sight line from the kitchen to the main living area.
Cottage Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-645
English Cottage House Plans
With their romantic charm and character, English cottage house plans (or storybook cottages) and floor plans are sure to catch your eye. Whether you are looking for a lovely vacation retreat, cozy guest house (or in-law unit), or primary residence, English cottage house plans are sure to fit your needs.
Plan 1067-1 Front Photo
Exclusive House Plans
Our special collection of exclusive house plans and floor plans includes a variety of home designs from four skilled designers. You will find a myriad of architectural styles in our exclusive house plans and floor plans collection. Whether you are looking for a Craftsman, cozy cottage, modern farmhouse, Southern, country, ranch, European, Mediterranean, or traditional design – you are sure to find just what you’re looking for in the collection below. With smart details and floor plans, these home designs boast popular features that make everyday living easy. Looking for a house plan with an open layout? You will find many floor plans in the collection below with open layouts.
Craftsman Style home, bungalow design, elevation
French Country House Plans
French Country home plans and designs, or French Provincial house plans, feature house plans and floor plans that show off elegant details, curb appeal, and European style. These attractive dwellings boast natural materials, single or multiple hipped roofs, dormers, and much more. Usually two-stories, French Country home plans and designs are stately and enchanting. Although, you will find cute country cottages in this collection as well. Plan on building your forever home? To make aging in place easier, opt for a French Country house plan that offers a main-level master suite. The exterior of French Country home plans and designs is typically brick, stone, stucco, or masonry.
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #70-1450
Garage Plans
Did you think only offered house plans? Think again! Below you'll discover our collection of garage plans, which includes 1-car garage plans, 2-car garage plans, 3-car garage plans, and even plans that offer enough room to house an RV! What's more, you'll notice garage plans with apartment (sometimes written "garage apartment plans").
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #47-1081
Garage Plans with Apartments
Our collection of garages w/ apt floor plans offer home designs that can be used in a myriad of ways. Perhaps you work from home and need a private detached space that can be used as a home office. Or maybe you simply need extra living space and a garage apartment is the perfect way to add that much needed square footage.
1700 square foot modern 3 bedroom 2 bath house plan
Green House Plans
Green house plans and floor plans in this smart collection are energy efficient, sustainable, and will help you cut back on all kinds of costs in the long run. Thanks to their modest square footage, use of sustainable materials, efficient building techniques, and their simple design, many of our green house plans and floor plans can help you save on construction costs.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #72-689
House Plans with Courtyard
Like to host and entertain? Our collection of courtyard house plans (or house plans with courtyard) and floor plans could be just what you’re looking for! In this collection you will find many home designs that feature central, rear, and side courtyards. The options are endless! Courtyard house plans and floor plans work great on smaller or narrow lots (or urban locations) because they provide homeowners with an outdoor retreat – without taking up too much space. An outdoor living space should feel like an oasis and be a nice reprieve from the chaos of daily life.
Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #437-57
House Plans with Elevator
Want to make your life easier? Choose a house plan with elevator! Most people who select a house plan with elevator do so for one of three reasons. The first and most popular reason is: the desire to age in place. Consider where you'll be in twenty, thirty or forty years. Will you still be able to climb stairs as ably as you do now?
Log Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #117-824
House Plans with Fireplace
Whether you want your kids to be able to imagine a big jolly elf sneaking into the house by way of the chimney on Christmas Eve night or simply desire a chic focal point in your main living space by which family and friends can gather around on a cold winter's day, you're sure to enjoy our collection of house plans with fireplaces below.
Farmhouse Exterior - Other Elevation Plan #888-15
House Plans with Inlaw Suite
Inlaw suite floor plans and home designs in this collection provide homeowners with extra space and flexibility. Home plans with inlaw suite feature a bedroom/bedrooms with a private suite (along with a master suite). In some cases, inlaw suite floor plans boast inlaw suites that include a living room and kitchenette.
Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #51-1148
House Plans with Master BR Upstairs
If you're seeking a more traditional interior layout, consider selecting a master up house plan from the collection below. A master up house plan is simply a home design that features its master bedroom on the second or third floor.
craftsman house by Eugene Oregon designer 27,000 sft
House Plans with Master Suite on Main Level
Home designs that feature the master down (also known as main-level master house plans) are full of convenience and accessibility. The easy access of a master down location (or main-level master) is better for aging in place as homeowners grow older. Master down floor plans will also allow homeowners to reside on one level once the kids have grown up and moved out, while guests (or the kids when they visit) have a private place to stay upstairs when they come to visit. Master down floor plans and home designs also help save on energy costs. Homeowners can choose to only heat or cool the main level of the home since that is where they do most of their day-to-day living – resulting in cheaper energy bills.
Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-190
House Plans with Open Floor Plan
Interested in ordering a house plan that features an open floor plan? Guess what? You're definitely not alone! In fact, open concept house plans are the most popular type of blueprint we offer, and for good reason. If a home plan offers an open floor plan, that means there is an open sight line from the kitchen to the main living space. Why is this type of layout so trendy? Well, let's think about it.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1069-15
House Plans with Patio
Our collection of patio house plans and floor plans feature home designs that maximize outdoor living, while offering an extra area for entertaining friends and family. If outdoor living is something you deem important, then you should explore this popular collection. Many of our patio house plans and floor plans have a seamless flow between the interior and the patio for easy indoor/outdoor living.
European Exterior - Rear Elevation Plan #417-563
House Plans with Pool
Summers can be scorching. Cool off by browsing our collection of house plans with pools! Pools are an amenity that can be enjoyed throughout the country, but those in the Southern states will see the most use out of their pools due to an extended warm season. A relaxing backyard pool in a warm, Southern climate will make your new house feel like a private resort. Pools can be as varied as the homes they accompany and often have a unique style to complement the home; landscaping will further define a pool's style. A Mediterranean home may have a curved pool surrounded by palm trees and a cascading waterfall. More contemporary or modern homes may make use of clean lines with a simple rectangular pool. Florida homes often have a pool and patio with a permanent cover that keeps out insects and leaves. Consider designing for an outdoor kitchen, full loggia and fireplace for cool nights. Extend the swimming season with a hot tub or a permanent enclosure that keeps temperatures warmer. If your budget will allow, build a pool house that complements the style of the main home and has space for showering, storing pool supplies, or overnight guests.
Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #21-451
House Plans with Porch
If you dig outdoor living, you'll love the collection of house plans with porches! Here, you'll discover homes that sport many different kinds of porches, including house plans with front porch, rear porch, side porch, wrap around porch, screened porch, and covered porch. As you shop, consider what type of porch will work best for you and your family. For instance, a spacious front or wrap around porch is usually good for curb appeal.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #124-549
House Plans with Walkout Basement
Building on a hillside or a sloped lot? A walkout basement gives you another level of space for sleeping, recreation, and access to the outdoors. Some of these walkout basement house plans include wet bars that will allow guests to fix their own drinks or kids to pop their own popcorn while watching movies downstairs. All sizes and styles of home are represented in this collection of walkout basement plans so you can find the floor plan with walkout basement that’s right for you. For related designs, check out the collections of floor plans for a sloped lot and mountain house plans.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #472-149
House Plans with Wraparound Porch
Wrap around porches became popular in the late 19th century during the Victorian Era, a time when leisurely activities became more acceptable due to advancement in technology and reduction of manual labor. The upper class built large, rambling homes with wrap around porches to accentuate the asymmetry of the Victorian facades. More modest farmhouses also utilized wrap around porches, which were an extension of the land beyond. Porches are a means to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements, and were a welcome relief from hot summers throughout the country. Without central heating and air, they were often a necessity in particularly warm regions such as the Southeast. Today's wrap around porches still serve the utilitarian need for shade, but they are becoming almost an extension of the interior home. Owners display their decorative style and treat the porch as an outdoor room. Outfit your porch with fans, unique light fixtures, porch furniture and artwork that suits your own personal style. Wrap around porches utilize stylistic details in their construction to define a house's style. Farmhouse floor plans (or Farmhouse style house plans) may feature a porch with simple round or square columns extending to the porch floor, with a balustrade between the columns. Queen Anne homes are more likely to make use of thinner round columns, gingerbread ornament and delicate spindlework that set the style apart. A wrap around porch can extend partially beyond the façade, or often fully wraps the house and joins with a rear deck. Interior doors are often conveniently placed. Whether a modern-day luxury or a historical necessity, porches have always provided respite from the duties of house and land. They allow neighbors to visit more easily and are a welcome breath of fresh air.
Cottage Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-847
Lakeside House Plans
Lakeside house plans and floor plans (sometimes referred to as lakefront home designs or lake home plans) work great for all kinds of homeowners. Whether you are looking for a sweet primary residence or a cool vacation retreat, our lakeside house plans and floor plans collection is sure to have just what you’re looking for. With tons of windows (and sometimes walls of windows), these popular home plans capture scenic views, bring the outdoors in, and provide plenty of natural light – and we are all about it. One thing many of our lakeside house plans and floor plans have in common is outdoor living. Seamless indoor-outdoor living is front and center in this collection. You will find house plans with porches, screened porches, wraparound porches, decks, balconies, patios, and more.
Classical Exterior - Rear Elevation Plan #119-189
Large House Plans
In our collection of large floor plans and home designs (or large house plans) you will find house plans in a variety of architectural styles. Some styles include: modern farmhouse, country, Craftsman, European, Mediterranean, ranch, traditional, and more. Large floor plans and home designs are usually plans that boast 3,000 square feet or more of finished heated living space. Large doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Many of our large floor plans and home designs show off simple foot prints and layouts – making them builder-friendly and more cost efficient (yes please!). With spacious living areas for relaxing (or entertaining) and extra bedrooms, these large floor plans and home designs give homeowners room to grow (and stretch).
Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #930-18
Low Country House Plans
Low Country style house plans and floor plans (or Tidewater house plans) are full of style and charm. These swoon-worthy designs work great in almost any setting – especially coastal locations. Low Country style house plans and floor plans usually feature a raised foundation to prevent flooding. Another perk of raised foundations? Scenic views! Low Country style house plans and floor plans are able to capture breathtaking views thanks to their raised elevations. You will find many house plans with plenty of outdoor living space in the collection below. These designs generally feature clapboard siding, and a metal hipped (or side-gable) roof. Low Country house plans boast spacious porches (usually wraparound porches), screened porches, and much more.
European Exterior - Other Elevation Plan #20-1731
Luxury House Plans
Hello luxury! Do you like elegant details, cool amenities, and luxurious touches? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of luxury house plans and home designs is full of floor plans that are smart, stylish, and practical. Luxury house plans and home designs boast attention to detail and come in all shapes and sizes (yes, even small). Luxurious doesn’t always mean large. A smaller house plan can still have all the bells and whistles that make a home luxurious – without the extra square footage. These upscale designs are full of high end features that are up-to-date and unique. Whether you are looking for a ranch, modern farmhouse, contemporary, European, Craftsman, country, traditional, Southern, Mediterranean, or even a small cottage design, we are sure to have just what you’re looking for here in our luxury house plans and home designs collection.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1017-163
Mansion Floor Plans
Go big or go home with our collection of mansions home plans and floor plans. In this collection you will find home designs that not only boast an ample amount of square footage, but also sport smart home features that provide convenience and comfort as well. Get ready to maximize luxury with features like extensive indoor/outdoor living spaces, ultimate kitchen islands, and super open layouts.
Ranch Exterior - Rear Elevation Plan #489-1
Mid Century Modern House Plans
Do you love clean lines, sleek style, and modern amenities? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our collection of Mid Century house plans and floor plans (also known as Mid-Century modern house plans) is full of home designs with loads of windows and minimal details. Mid Century house plans are a popular choice with homeowners today thanks to their sweet indoor-outdoor living spaces and open concept floor plans. Many of the home designs in this cool collection showcase patios, porches, lanais, decks, and more. Inside, an open layout creates a seamless flow between the main the living areas in most of our Mid Century (or Mid-Century modern) house plans in the collection below. An open concept floor plan makes hosting a breeze, while also promoting community.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-375
Mountain House Plans
Mountain house plans are full of charm and convenience. Our mountain house plans collection includes rustic home designs that work great as year-round primary residences or cool vacation retreats. Whether you are looking for a cozy cabin, charming cottage, or a luxurious lodge style home design, we are sure to have what you are looking for in our mountain house plans and floor plans collection.
Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #419-219
Narrow Lot House Plans
Urban areas tend to have smaller, narrow lots because land is in short supply. Homes may be built quite close together, but sometimes have surprisingly deep rear yards with plenty of room to roam. Square footage can be maximized by building three stories high or more. For those with a tight budget, start small with future plans for expansion either at the rear or with additional stories. You can build any style of home, whether a quaint Victorian, cozy Bungalow or traditional Cape Cod on a narrow lot. Let exterior details define the style and play up the vertical orientation with thin columns, narrow windows or a steeply pitched roof. A small front porch might add curb appeal to a narrow lot house plan, as will a variety of building materials. Side porches add extra outdoor living space. Narrow lot house plans (or house plans for narrow lots) have the possibility of being more affordable due to the smaller lot, but this could be offset in a pricey in-town neighborhood. The square footage of a narrow lot house plan can vary depending on the number of stories. A small cottage or bungalow may be only one story in 1,000 square feet or less, while a rowhouse (sometimes written row house) could be 3 stories or more with 4,000 square feet to boot. Many narrow house plans are designed with rear-loading garages for a lot with an alley in back. The interior space of a narrow house plan must be planned well for the most efficient layout. An open plan is still possible, especially with several stories where vaulted ceilings and numerous tall windows can be employed to open the space. Because the home is narrower and may only be two rooms wide, sunlight is maximized for better energy efficiency and light can penetrate throughout the house. Employ tall narrow windows from floor to ceiling and site them on the southern side of the house to warm the home in winter and provide natural light in summer.
Classical Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #119-363
Neoclassical House Plans
Hello curb appeal! Our collection of Neoclassical house plans and home designs includes striking floor plans that showcase classical architectural details and elements. These stately house plans are symmetrical and well-proportioned and usually feature a centered door with balanced windows. Neoclassical house plans typically have a prominent portico, two-stories (or one-and-a-half stories), and ornate details. Other cool features you may find in Neoclassical house plans and floor plans include: broken pediments (generally over windows and doorways), dentil molding below the cornice, a central front gable, two-story porch, tall columns, and brick or stucco siding. These graceful home designs tend to be on the larger side and boast open floor plans that are smart, modern, and efficient. Some Neoclassical house plans offer more formal floor plans and feature formal dining rooms, living rooms, libraries, and more defined spaces. Neoclassical house plans and floor plans come in a myriad of sizes – but tend to be on the larger side.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #70-1488
Newest House Plans
Stay in style and up-to-date with our collection of new plans and home designs. These trendy designs display the latest and greatest in architectural home designs. Many of our new plans and home designs sport modern layouts with open concept floor plans. Open floor plans typically place the island kitchen (which offers plenty of counter space) at the center of the home – great for informal gatherings. Curb appeal is another stylish feature that is trending right now.
Traditional Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #124-663
Outdoor Project Plans
So, what's an outdoor project plan? An outdoor project plan could be a tree house design, dog house blueprint, or a gazebo, playhouse, or studio plan (or just about anything else the mind can think of). While does not currently feature outdoor project plans online, we're more than happy to discuss them by phone. Please call 1-866-445-9085 for more info.
Contemporary Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2460
Shed House Plans
Our collection of shed house plans and floor plans features home designs that have multiple rooflines (usually asymmetrical and composed of single panes), lots of windows, and have major curb appeal. These striking designs typically feature clerestory windows that boast tons of natural light, while still maintaining privacy (thanks to their high placement). With a variation of sizes, our collection of shed house plans and home designs work well for all kinds of homeowners. We offer shed house plans and home designs in tiny, small, medium, and large sizes. Inside, many of our shed house plans and home designs showcase open floor plans.
Prairie Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #48-605
Sloped Lot House Plans
Sloped lot house plans and floor plans (or homes designed for a sloping lot) are homes designed to work well in unique lot situations. Do you plan to build a home on a hill or on a lot that slopes? If so, then sloped lot house plans and floor plans might be just what you’re looking for. These convenient designs make building on a sloping lot less of a headache. Sloped lot house plans and floor plans generally include a walkout basement. Walkout basements offer many advantages. For example, they maximize a sloping lot, create another level of indoor-outdoor living, and add extra square footage (without sacrificing the footprint of the home).
Bungalow Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #419-228
Small House Plans
Our collection of small house plans and floor plans (or small home designs) features home designs that are 2,000 square feet or less (including tiny homes!). For the most part, small house plans and floor plans are cost-efficient and builder-friendly. Less square footage equals less money. Yes please! These home designs may be small, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t luxurious. Spending less money on square footage grants homeowners the ability to splurge on other things – like countertops and finishes. Many of our small house plans and home designs showcase excellent outdoor living spaces. Outdoor spaces add extra square footage and more living space. You will find plans with porches (even wraparound porches), patios, decks, lanais, courtyards, and more. Small house plans and floor plans come in all kinds of architectural styles.
Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1059-73
Southern House Plans
Did someone say Southern charm? Southern architecture has withstood the hands of time and delivers welcoming curb appeal and classic character. One feature you’ll find throughout our Southern house plans and floor plans collection is a love for indoor/outdoor living. These plans celebrate outdoor living with generous outdoor spaces.
Modern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #23-2225
Split Level House Plans
Split-level home designs and floor plans (also referred to as split-level house plans) gained popularity in the 1950s. These cool designs are relatives of the ranch style house plan. Split-level home designs boast horizontal lines, a landing at the entry that leads upstairs or downstairs, and a low-pitched roof. The exterior of split-level home designs typically showcases a minimal façade that is sleek and contemporary. With three levels of living space, split-level home designs and floor plans make it easy to carry on different activities, while maximizing space on smaller lots. These popular home designs usually feature a landing at the entry (that opens to the living, kitchen, and dining areas) that leads upstairs (to the bedrooms) and downstairs (to the basement).
Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-188
Starter House Plans
Buying a home for the first time can be an exciting (and daunting) experience. With the help of our starter home plans collection, we hope to make the process of choosing your first home smooth and easy (and keep the headaches at bay). Starter home plans and floor plans are generally on the smaller side (most of them 2,000 square feet or less), making them affordable and builder-friendly.
Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #437-98
Tiny House Plans
A tiny house plan doesn't have to be super-small. On we define a "tiny home plan" as a house design that offers 1,000 sq. ft. or less. While this is obviously smaller than the average home, it doesn't have to be "tiny." In fact, if you're coming from, say, a 550 sq. ft. studio apartment, a brand new home with 1,000 square feet of of living space, plus a garage and a patio, would probably feel pretty darn big!
Cabin Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #137-295
Vacation House Plans
Most people have a preferred vacation destination, whether it is the coast, mountains or city. Few of us can have it all, so choose your favorite spot to relax and there will be a house plan waiting to fulfill your dream of a vacation. Coastal homes will often feature abundant outdoor living space and numerous windows to maximize views and take advantage of the mild weather. You may want a charming cottage at the end of a rocky bluff, or a sprawling Mediterranean style home with beachfront access. There will surely be guests no matter what the style, so choose a floor plan that can accommodate a crowd and makes entertaining easy. The kitchen should be close to the rear patio and open to a great room for effortless access to the bar-b-q and pool. A home in the mountains will be quite different, possibly more rustic and built with materials found in nature. Choose a log cabin plan and build with locally harvested wood for a more sustainable site. A-Frame homes are a contemporary, folk style of home reminiscent of a Swiss chalet that would be perfect in a mountain setting or by the sea. The shape is that of a triangle, hence the A-Frame, with a steeply pitched roofline sloping almost to ground level. Draw nature in further by using local exterior materials such as stone and wood. Vacation house plans should maximize efficiency so time away will be spent relaxing. Choose a kitchen that is spacious and has all of the necessary appliances, but keep it simple so cleaning does not become a priority. Make clever use of seemingly dead space by creating nooks and crannies for private retreats. You may have unused attic space that could become a loft, or simply tuck a window seat within a bay for the perfect vacation reading spot.

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