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Simply Classic Designs

House plans from Simply Classic Designs tend to be simple, open, affordable, and small to medium in size. In other words, Simply Classic Designs are… well… simply classic! As you examine the house plans below, consider your daily routine. For instance, if you see yourself cooking a lot and know you’ll need as much counter space as possible, a Simply Classic Design that sports a kitchen island is probably a wise choice. Likewise, think about the location of the master bedroom suite—do you want it featured on the main or upper level? What’s more, check out the master closet and ask yourself, “Will this offer me the amount of space I need?” There is no right answer, it’s all about what looks and feels right to you. One thing that most Simply Classic Designs offer is a decent amount of outdoor living space. You’ll notice multiple house plans with wrap around porch (awesome for curb appeal) as well as home plans with back patios (great for BBQs). Take note that most house plans on can be modified to meet your exact requirements. So, if you happen to find the perfect home plan EXCEPT it doesn’t have the right number of bedrooms or baths (or you wish to change the foundation, framing, etc.), give us a call: 1-866-445-9085. We’ll more than likely be able to help you customize the plan so it’s perfect for you and your family.
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