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Contemporary/Modern House Plans

Characterized by minimal, straightforward, and efficient home designs, contemporary-modern house plans boast a style that is livable and spacious. From clean lines, open floor plans, large expanses of glass, and minimalists interiors, contemporary-modern house plans are uncomplicated and exude simplicity and style. These cool designs are an elegant departure from traditional architectural styles and have been popular since the mid-century modern homes of the 1950s. With seamless connections between the interiors and exteriors, modern dwellings tend to echo the land they are built on. Many contemporary-modern house plans are energy-efficient. Smart features like rooflines that accommodate solar panels, plenty of windows and indoor/outdoor living spaces that help with passive cooling and heating strategies, and recycled and sustainable materials make contemporary-modern house plans important to the sustainable design movement (and help cut back costs in the long run). Streamlined features like open layouts, simple roof profiles, and outdoor living spaces are common features in most of our contemporary-modern house plans and floor plans and promote flexibility. Indoor/outdoor living spaces play a huge role in these home designs. Organic elements such as stone, wood, and glass deliver a warm and inviting tone to this particular architectural style. You will find an excellent flow from room to room and maximized space thanks to the open floor plans in contemporary-modern house plans. Our collection of contemporary-modern house plans and floor plans includes home designs in a wide range of sizes. Whether you are looking for a tiny home, starter home, or large family-friendly residence, we are sure to have what you are looking for here.