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Open Floor Plan Blueprints & House Designs

Interested in ordering a house plan that features an open floor plan? Guess what? You're definitely not alone! In fact, open concept house plans are the most popular type of blueprint we offer, and for good reason.

If a home plan offers an open floor plan, that means there is an open sight line from the kitchen to the main living space. Why is this type of layout so trendy? Well, let's think about it. A lot of things happen as meals are prepared in the kitchen—married couples talk about their day, children do homework, and friends and guests catch up with each other over drinks. If you live in a home that does not feature an open layout, that means whoever is doing the cooking will spend the majority of their time exiled from all the fun. On the other hand, if your home does feature an open layout, everyone (including the chef) can easily interact with the goings-on of the main living area.

House plans with open floor plans come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and architectural styles. Explore our collection of open concept home plans today and find the design that's right for you!

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