Interior Features

House Blueprint - Southern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #437-57

House Plans with Elevator

Want to make your life easier? Choose a house plan with elevator! Most people who select a house plan with elevator do so for one of three reasons. The first and most popular reason is: the desire to age in place. Consider where you'll be in twenty, thirty or forty years. Will you still be able to climb stairs as ably as you do now?
House Blueprint - Log Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #117-824

House Plans with Fireplace

Whether you want your kids to be able to imagine a big jolly elf sneaking into the house by way of the chimney on Christmas Eve night or simply desire a chic focal point in your main living space by which family and friends can gather around on a cold winter's day, you're sure to enjoy our collection of house plans with fireplaces below.
House Blueprint - Modern Farmhouse style plan, modern design home

House Plans with Inlaw Suite

Inlaw suite floor plans and home designs in this collection provide homeowners with extra space and flexibility. Home plans with inlaw suite feature a bedroom/bedrooms with a private suite (along with a master suite). In some cases, inlaw suite floor plans boast inlaw suites that include a living room and kitchenette.
House Blueprint - Farmhouse Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #51-1148

House Plans with Master BR Upstairs

If you're seeking a more traditional interior layout, consider selecting a master up house plan from the collection below. A master up house plan is simply a home design that features its master bedroom on the second or third floor.
House Blueprint - craftsman house by Eugene Oregon designer 27,000 sft

House Plans with Master Suite on Main Level

Home designs that feature the master down (also known as main-level master house plans) are full of convenience and accessibility. The easy access of a master down location (or main-level master) is better for aging in place as homeowners grow older. Master down floor plans will also allow homeowners to reside on one level once the kids have grown up and moved out, while guests (or the kids when they visit) have a private place to stay upstairs when they come to visit. Master down floor plans and home designs also help save on energy costs. Homeowners can choose to only heat or cool the main level of the home since that is where they do most of their day-to-day living – resulting in cheaper energy bills.
House Blueprint - Ranch Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #430-190

House Plans with Open Floor Plan

Interested in ordering a house plan that features an open floor plan? Guess what? You're definitely not alone! In fact, open concept house plans are the most popular type of blueprint we offer, and for good reason. If a home plan offers an open floor plan, that means there is an open sight line from the kitchen to the main living space. Why is this type of layout so trendy? Well, let's think about it.
House Blueprint - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #124-549

House Plans with Walkout Basement

Building on a hillside or a sloped lot? A walkout basement gives you another level of space for sleeping, recreation, and access to the outdoors. Some of these walkout basement house plans include wet bars that will allow guests to fix their own drinks or kids to pop their own popcorn while watching movies downstairs. All sizes and styles of home are represented in this collection of walkout basement plans so you can find the floor plan with walkout basement that’s right for you. For related designs, check out the collections of floor plans for a sloped lot and mountain house plans.