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House Plans with Master Up

If you're seeking a more traditional interior layout, consider selecting a master up house plan from the collection below. A master up house plan is simply a home design that features its master bedroom on the second or third floor. Some people wouldn't have it any other way. And, why not? Having a master bedroom suite on an upper level of your residence provides you with multiple perks, like silence! Well, maybe not total silence, but having your master retreat on a separate floor from the kitchen and main living space can cut down on noise. What's more, parents with young children often insist on having all bedrooms featured on an upper level for security and convenience (no one wants to traipse up and down stairs to address a dirty diaper or nightmare).

The opposite of a master up house plan is (you guessed it!) a master down house plan, a design in which the master bedroom is featured on the main floor. Master down house plans are popular with some home builders as it allows them to age in place without the fear that--one day--stairs may become too much to handle on a regular basis. If you are firmly in favor of having your master suite featured on an upper level of your home, but also recognize that stairs might become a problem twenty, thirty or forty years down the line, consider selecting a master up house plan with an elevator. Another option is to select a house plan that boasts multiple master suites (i.e. one on the main floor and one upstairs).