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House Plans with Elevator

Want to make your life easier? Choose a house plan with elevator!

Most people who select a 2 story or 3 story house plan with elevator do so for one of three reasons. The first and most popular reason is: the desire to age in place. Consider where you'll be in twenty, thirty or forty years. Will you still be able to climb stairs as ably as you do now? Having an elevator ensures you'll retain access to all of your floors even if, one day, stairs become too much of a burden.

The second reason why someone might select a house plan with elevator is if they plan to house an elderly relative, or anyone who might very well have issues climbing stairs in the here and now.

And, finally, the third reason why someone might select a house plan with elevator is because elevators can take the pain out of everyday chores. For instance, if your master bedroom suite sits on the top story of your home while your laundry room resides on the lowest level, an elevator may quickly become your best friend (especially if you have young kids who also sleep on the top level).

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