Exterior Features

House Blueprint - Adobe / Southwestern Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1073-25

House Plans with Courtyard

Like to host and entertain? Our collection of courtyard house plans (or house plans with courtyard) and floor plans could be just what you’re looking for! In this collection you will find many home designs that feature central, rear, and side courtyards. The options are endless! Courtyard house plans and floor plans work great on smaller or narrow lots (or urban locations) because they provide homeowners with an outdoor retreat – without taking up too much space. An outdoor living space should feel like an oasis and be a nice reprieve from the chaos of daily life.
House Blueprint - Craftsman Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #1069-15

House Plans with Patio

Our collection of patio house plans and floor plans feature home designs that maximize outdoor living, while offering an extra area for entertaining friends and family. If outdoor living is something you deem important, then you should explore this popular collection. Many of our patio house plans and floor plans have a seamless flow between the interior and the patio for easy indoor/outdoor living.
House Blueprint - European Exterior - Rear Elevation Plan #417-563

House Plans with Pool

Summers can be scorching. Cool off by browsing our collection of house plans with pools! Pools are an amenity that can be enjoyed throughout the country, but those in the Southern states will see the most use out of their pools due to an extended warm season. A relaxing backyard pool in a warm, Southern climate will make your new house feel like a private resort. Pools can be as varied as the homes they accompany and often have a unique style to complement the home; landscaping will further define a pool's style. A Mediterranean home may have a curved pool surrounded by palm trees and a cascading waterfall. More contemporary or modern homes may make use of clean lines with a simple rectangular pool. Florida homes often have a pool and patio with a permanent cover that keeps out insects and leaves. Consider designing for an outdoor kitchen, full loggia and fireplace for cool nights. Extend the swimming season with a hot tub or a permanent enclosure that keeps temperatures warmer. If your budget will allow, build a pool house that complements the style of the main home and has space for showering, storing pool supplies, or overnight guests.
House Blueprint - Barndominium Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #21-451

House Plans with Porch

If you dig outdoor living, you'll love the Blueprints.com collection of house plans with porches! Here, you'll discover homes that sport many different kinds of porches, including house plans with front porch, rear porch, side porch, wrap around porch, screened porch, and covered porch. As you shop, consider what type of porch will work best for you and your family. For instance, a spacious front or wrap around porch is usually good for curb appeal.
House Blueprint - Country Exterior - Front Elevation Plan #472-149

House Plans with Wraparound Porch

Wrap around porches became popular in the late 19th century during the Victorian Era, a time when leisurely activities became more acceptable due to advancement in technology and reduction of manual labor. The upper class built large, rambling homes with wrap around porches to accentuate the asymmetry of the Victorian facades. More modest farmhouses also utilized wrap around porches, which were an extension of the land beyond. Porches are a means to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements, and were a welcome relief from hot summers throughout the country. Without central heating and air, they were often a necessity in particularly warm regions such as the Southeast. Today's wrap around porches still serve the utilitarian need for shade, but they are becoming almost an extension of the interior home. Owners display their decorative style and treat the porch as an outdoor room. Outfit your porch with fans, unique light fixtures, porch furniture and artwork that suits your own personal style. Wrap around porches utilize stylistic details in their construction to define a house's style. Farmhouse floor plans (or Farmhouse style house plans) may feature a porch with simple round or square columns extending to the porch floor, with a balustrade between the columns. Queen Anne homes are more likely to make use of thinner round columns, gingerbread ornament and delicate spindlework that set the style apart. A wrap around porch can extend partially beyond the façade, or often fully wraps the house and joins with a rear deck. Interior doors are often conveniently placed. Whether a modern-day luxury or a historical necessity, porches have always provided respite from the duties of house and land. They allow neighbors to visit more easily and are a welcome breath of fresh air.