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Victorian House Blueprints, Floor Plans & Designs

Add some whimsy, color and extravagance to your life with a beautiful Victorian house plan!

Victorian home plans are all about not holding back. As you browse the below collection, you'll discover house plans with towers, turrets, cozy nooks, gingerbread detailing and other ornamentation. Why all the fuss? Because Victorian architecture became popular during the Industrial Revolution. As new building techniques became all the rage, suddenly fancy things like gingerbread trim could be mass-produced, allowing homeowners to move beyond typical box-shaped houses. In addition to architectural ornamentation, Victorian house plans are known for sporting vibrant colors, wrap around porches, and two stories of living space. If bold and saucy curb appeal is what you're looking for, a Victorian house plan is sure to please!

As you browse our designs, consider what kind of interior layout will work best for you and your family. Open floor plans are especially popular, as they provide an open sight line from the kitchen to the main living space (which tends to work well for parents with young kids, or anyone who frequently entertains guests). And, yes, open-concept Victorian style home plans do exist. In fact, you'll discover several contemporary designs below that smartly mix traditional architecture with a variety of modern conveniences. What's more, remember that the vast majority of our house plans can be customized to meet your exact requirements. So, if you find the perfect Victorian house plan, except it's not as open as you'd like it to be, we'll likely be able to help you modify the design so it becomes exactly what you're looking for. Other common house plan modifications include: changing the foundation, framing or roof pitch; adding or removing a bedroom or bathroom; expanding the garage; altering the footprint; and just about anything else you can come up with! Have questions? Give us a call 1-866-445-9085.